February River

These days, or rather the past 3 years, I split my working hours between writing and illustrating children’s books and painting. I have found a comfortable spot here and there is enough time in my life now, if I’m smart about it and dilligent, to do both. There are a lot of approval(or disapproval) waiting periods in the Children’s book world, not to mention think/developing time. It can be lengthly so there is plenty of time to paint. Right now I am in the wait period, and have been, since early fall. Waiting for Just One More to hit the bookstores! It is in the Never Never Land of production and sales. In the meantime, I tote with me my new ideas for stories…something I can’t do with painting. February River has been in my studio for the last few months and I just couldn’t seem to get it out the door. It was one of those paintings I needed to tinker with, even this image isn’t the final painting. The strength in the shadows down the river were too harsh and I softened them the day it went out the door…to the Silverman Gallery. So, it is my first painting of 2014, even though I signed it in 2013.

Oil on Linen 24″ x 36″