Is anything purely without influence?

This is my old bunny, Freddy….AND my first character sketch for Just One More. I did a search for first sketches to write a post and this guy popped up. I had forgotten about taking a crack at starting this book 10 years ago! The digital drawing never made it before the eyes of any decision makers. He only went as far as placement in a sample spread and then I closed the book for 7 years before I would revisit Just One More and the idea of becoming a children’s book illustrator, again. What an influence old Fred had on this sketch and I was oblivious at the time. He too, was once all yellow calico to match the insides of his ears but had worn so thin that my daughter thought it was a good idea to give him a new exterior.  Nice job, and she was careful to encase his original saggy body, couldn’t bear to cut it off. When I look to Ruby, my final character for the book, she is a conglomeration of my kids and a friend or two. A regular Frankenstein, you might say. 5 1/2 weeks before Ruby meets the world, let’s hope there is something in her for everyone.