Yardley House

I just said goodbye to my childhood home of 46 years this Monday. It is hard to believe others live there now. I am sure it now sports its first flat screen and security system, but will their kids eat peanut butter from the jar, high up in the hall closet? Will the youngest get put down the laundry shoot? Will the all the neighbors’ kids be in the pool at once? How about the dad, will he tinker for hours in the yard? the basement? the garage?…they didn’t want his tool bench. Will they discover the snakes that live under the rocks in the patio wall? Will they play cards late into the night drinking ice cream sodas made with Pathmark ice cream and A-Treat soda? I wonder where they will put the Christmas tree….Actually, I don’t even know if they are Christian. I do know they love sports, but I’m holding out hope that this old house still hears the music and scuffles of creativity.